Designed by Elizabeth McGrath
Sculpted by Nathan Cabrera

Influenced by Roman Catholic iconographic art, punk rock and Edward Gorey, Hollywood native Liz McGrath is one of her generation's most unique and prolific artists. Her incarceration at the Victory Baptist's Home for Girls fueled her first artistic ventures: angry punk rock fliers, her own punk band Tongue and the conception of her fanzine, Censor This . Her career took off from there leading her towards many aristic avenues. As a Hollywood denizen she found work art directing films, animation and music videos. This background not only influences her current artistic endeavors but provides much of the materials as well. Each piece is meticulously sculpted, dressed, decorated and displayed with incredible artistry, detail and quirky humor. Liz's dioramas are isolated freak shows displaying rotting, subhuman figures luxuriously dressed for your pleasure or contempt. Her recent artistic venture has been a creation of a vast array of cuddly, freakish dolls which would make Wednesday Addams giddy with morbid delight.

Two figures in production - Sugar Foot & Squid Girl .

Sugar Foot
Squid Girl