Designed by Fafi
Sculpted by MONSTER5

 we are about ready to go into production of the fafi, "irina" figure and with some luck it will be available in September...there will be two different paint jobs on this is fafi's new choice of colours and the other is based on the original painting that inspired the figure to begin with...we have been bombarded for details of its release by salivating fafi fans worldwide so we have a genuine and sincere belief that these will sell out immediately...

hello everybody,

first of all, thank you for your work,
I come back to you with images, and 2morrow
I will answer all your questions.


Fafi is strong presence in the graffiti and fine art scenes who is known for her images of sexy and liberated girls. On walls or in paintings, her girls can be funny, sexy, or aggressive. By exploring femininity through stereotypes and using it to her advantage, Fafi creates girls who are both powerful and active.

Fafi has completed murals throughout the world, often with fellow graffitti artist Tilt, in places such as the United States (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Japan, Germany, Belgium, Tunsia, Spain, Canada, and Hong Kong. In December 2002, Sony released her time-capsule toy set featuring six of her characters. In addition to being in numerous magazines, her first book, Girls Rock , was published earlier this year. She is also active with her clothing line of shirts and handbags and has been featured in MTV Europe's style show "Mash" and in such style bibles as The Face and Italian Vogue magazines.

Irina is our first Fafi figure .

Concept Art and Fabrication