Based on a painting element by TODD SCHORR
Sculpted by Nathan Cabrera

The Bunny Duck is a character that originally appeared in the painting "Romantic Notions of the Mysterious East," painted in 1992. Later it made an appearance in the Absolut Schorr ad from 1997 and then again in the painting, "Spectre of Cartoon Appeal," painted in 2000.

This colorful description by writer Paul DiFilippo from the upcoming book of new paintings by Todd Schorr entitled "Dreamland," puts this character in perspective:

"According to Saint Chuck Jones, the 'dramaturgical dyad' of hare and drake constitutes the quintessence of rollicking tragicomedy. Raw duckish energy, connivance and bluster are set in perpetual opposition to bunnyish sloth, subtlety and misdirection. To yoke these two powerful devas into one body is to risk an explosion similar to that involving matter and anti-matter. Yet some daring Dr. Moreau has managed to accomplish the impossible, setting his creation to function as ceremonial guards over an undisclosed treasure beyond price. Their jack-o-lantern-tipped spears hint at their further adoption into Halloween hagiography. Imagine little Bud and Sis from down the block showing up on your doorstep, jointly costumed as this Mesmer-eyed, fumfawing quasi-Cerberus!"

DETAILS : Standing 13" tall, Bunny Duck has a two heads, forked neck, two pumpkins on two staffs and the BONUS "Secret Mystic Serpent." 4 points of articulation.

Early Sculpts & Bronze Cast
Final Version