Based on a painting by PABLO
Sculpted by Nathan Cabrera

if i may i'll try to settle the debate about the sympathy girl. having been blessed (or is it cursed ??) to work at the nerve center since the beginning i have spent a lot of time around the sympathy girl. her name is antoinette, but we mostly call her annie unless she makes a big mistake or forgets to feed the cats. she is very sensitive and cries about nearly everything. she cries when she hears of others misfortunes and tales of lost children or animals being abused. we never let her watch the news and do our best to keep her away from newspapers. she cries if her french fries from astro burger aren't cooked just right or if the waitress doesn't bring catsup. she cries when she hears of forest fires and plane crashes and when she sees homeless people pushing shopping carts down the street. she cries if she remembers a sad story or simply thinks a sad thought.

annie also cries if she is happy. she cries if someone brings her a muffin in the morning or if someone offers to share their vanilla malt or give her a sip of their green tea. she cries when she hears of people doing good, unselfish deeds and when people wronged by society are vindicated. she cries when anyone mentions how smart dolphins are and when animals are removed from the endangered species list. as i said annie is very sensitive and has a kind, loving heart.

about her dress, she does have other clothes, in fact she spends most of her extra money on cute dresses at betsey johnson's, but for some reason she always wears that old blue dress she bought for $2.00 at the long beach swap meet when she knows that someone will be taking a photo. she is a driving force at sympathy and she is the person that selects most of the bands which explains the penchant towards girl bands. everyone on the staff loves her and she is a great source of happiness and inspiration to us all. next time maybe i'll tell you about waldo, the inept, fumbling radio promotions guy who we keep only because we're pretty certain he'd never get a job anywhere else. 'spose that's it for now. like later, rock-a-day johnny xx

Sympathy for the Record Industry

Early Sculpts
Finished Sculpture